7 08, 2014

IBM Log Analysis (SCALA) Tuning App v1

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As part of this BlueMix Fabric Log Solution project, getting visibility into everything in my log solution architecture is pretty important. I've got a lot of instrumentation across the end-to-end pipeline so metrics are overflowing in my environment. I started to work on a simple app to pull all of this together so I can trend and visualize it over time and be able to see the impacts of tuning activities. This is a first [...]

7 08, 2014

Swimming in the BIG BlueMix Sea – Design and Deployment of a Log Analysis Solution for IBM’s BlueMix Cloud Foundry PaaS

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A few months back, I was asked to help deploy our Log Analysis solution for our BlueMix Fabric Dev/Ops team. Their pain point - getting value and insights from massive amounts of Cloud Foundry (CF) log data across multiple development, staging and production environments in order to provide a highly available BlueMix offering. No problem I thought. A log is a log is a log. I'd done this a number of times for various applications [...]

18 06, 2014

Bookmarks for March 25th through June 18th

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These are my links for March 25th through June 18th: OpenStack LumberJack – Part 1 rsyslog | Professional OpenStack - Logging for OpenStack has come quite a ways. What I’m going to attempt to do over a few posts, is recreate and expand a bit on what was discussed at this last OpenStack Summit with regard to Log Management and Mining in OpenStack. For now, that means installing rsyslogd and setting it up to accept [...]

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