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Just some rough notes on what I think defines the IT Operations Analytics space

Needle in the Haystack – Reports show us the peaks of the icebergs, analytics shows us what’s really underneath.
Who, What, Why, When, Where, How?
Automation, Action
Visualization, Intuitive, Layman
Storytelling, Infographics
Do More with Less, Efficiency
Correlation / Causation / Trends
Statistics & Math Driven

Not APM – but enhances/extends it by doing smart stuff with its data

Thoughts on how to classify

by types/sources/scale of data (e.g. log analytics, structured/un-structured, real time, time series metrics/kpis, etc)
by typical solution set (e.g. tied to or partof BSM, APM, event mgmt, etc.)
by process/workflow/activity outcomes (e.g. capacity analytics, incident management, etc.)
by typical persona who uses it (e.g. front line support, data scientist)



Turn Big Data Inward with IT Analytics

APA – Advanced Performance Analytics

ITOA – IT Operations Analytics
4) IT Operations Analytics are expected to address these five critical use cases (from Gartner)

Enhanced application or service model discovery (not really – doing something smart with that model yes.)
Performance problem root cause discovery
Performance problem impact assessment
Incident anticipation (yes, prevention, prediction…)
Capacity planning (doesn’t feel very analytic related to me – optimizing capacity with smart analysis of data yes.)
Action plan construction (not sure what that is – expert advice and next best actions to problem resolution because of some analytic approach of all available data -yes.

Industry Talk

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