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Various Dashboard and Data/Information Visualization References (see Metrics page also)

The Masters
Stephen Few
Edward Tufte
“Say it with Charts” Gene Zelazny (Director of Visual Communications for McKinsey & Company)

Tons of Resources

Great Gallery with Expert Critiques of Design

Dashboard Spy’s .COM Website (see his blog as well)


Dashboards by Example

Enterprise Dashboards

Enterprise Dashboard Digest

Dashboard Guy

Mockups and Wireframes for Dashboards

Dashboard Zone

Dashboard Insight

Fundamentals of Design for Dashboards

Dashboard Design 101 READ!!

Dashboard Design 101

The Dashboard Demystified – What is a Dashboard

Applying Heuristic Principles to Dashboard Design & Evaluation

Dashboard Design

Dashboard Design Guidelines

10 Guidelines for KPI Dashboard Design

Dashboard Design – First Step Select a Purpose. Strategic Dashboard, Analytical Dashboard, Operational Dashboard

The Importance of Data Visualization

Preattentive Variables and Dashboard Design READ!

Dashboard Design Tips

Most Common Pitfalls in Dashboard Design

A Guide to Creating Dashboards People Love to Use

7 Tips for Successful Dashboard Design

Dashboard Design Rules: The Do’s and Don’ts

Evolution of a Dashboard Design

Dashboard Design: Design for Parallel Processing

Dashboard KPI

Edward Tufte

Ask Edward Tufte – Executive Dashboards Thread

Executive Decision Support Systems Thread

Dashboard Design Principles – Must read!

Key Success Factors for a Performance Dashboard July 2007 Good read.

Kimball Group – Design Tips (BI focus, but good stuff on dashboards, design, etc.)

This is really cool. A great overview with examples and application tips for visualziation.

Kent Bauer

Kent Bauer is the managing director, Performance Management Practice at GRT Corporation in Stamford, CT. He has more than 20 years of experience in managing and developing CRM, database marketing, data mining and data warehousing solutions for the financial, information services, healthcare and CPG industries. Bauer has an MBA in Statistics and an APC in Finance from the Stern Graduate School of Business, New York University. A published author and industry speaker, his recent articles and workshops have focused on KPI development, BI visioning and predictive analytics. Please contact Bauer at kent.bauer@grtcorp.com.

Graph Selection and Presentation

Visuals – Icons, Color, Palette

Dashboard Design – Bullet Graph vrs Bar Chart

What’s Important?

Determining your Audience

Business Performance Management Dashboards

What are Performance Dashboards?

Designing Executive Dashboards Pt. 1

Designing Executive Dashboards Pt. 2

Dashboard Design: Key Performance Indicators and Metrics – Choosing the Right Data to Display

Executive Dashboards: An Information Design Approach

KPI Wheel – COOL!

Visualizing Data Resources

Articles and Best Practices Section at Xcelcius

Are you Dense? How Dense to make your Dashboards?

Three Components of an Effective Presentation

The Use (and Misuse) of Gauges

Nine Rules for Using Color in BI Dashboards

Design to Engage – NICE
Design to Engage

Metrics Dashboard Design

Visualizing Dynamic Data

Visualization Category

Information Strategy: A Philosophical Blueprint for Building the Executive Dashboard

Practical Rules for Using Color in Charts

User Interface Design Portfolio

The Benefits of Using Background Images

How we designed the FastVue Dashboard

Marketing Dashboards

Hands on Graphics

Dashboards for Buildings Some good Human Factors stuff in here!

The Magic Number is 7 (Plus or minus two)

Dashboards vrs. Scorecards

What is the difference between a dashboard and a scorecard? Referring to Wayne Eckerson’s “Performance Dashboards” book (see one of my previous blogs for book details)…

The primary difference between the two is that dashboards monitor the performance of operational processes whereas scorecards chart the progress of tactical and strategic goals. Here’s a table that helps spell out the details…


  • Purpose: Measures performance
  • Users: Supervisors, specialists
  • Updates: Real-time feeds
  • Data: Events
  • Display: Visual graphs, raw data


  • Purpose: Charts progress
  • Users: Executives, managers, staff
  • Updates: Periodic snapshots
  • Data: Summaries
  • Display: Visual graphs, text comments

Designing Executive Dashboards Part 1

Designing Executive Dashboards Part 2

Dashboard Design Metrics and KPIs

Excel Based Dashboards
Excel Dashboard Reports
Excel Dashboards
Gauges vs Charts
Learn to Show Business Data That Readers Can Understand
Sparklines in Excel
Excel 2007 Dashboard Capabilities (good post DBS)
Andy Pope Excel Charting Reference
Charts – Great resource, blog and conversations!

Joe Gregorio Sparkline Project
Sparkline PHP Graphing Library
Sparklines Webservice
Sparklines for Java

Human Factors, Cognitive Psychology & Visual Design
Dashboards without Barriers Part 1 MUST READ – Great info on Preattentive Variables!!!
Information is Beautiful
A Practical Guide to Designing with Data
Quotes on Design
Dashboard for Controls Design Reference AWESOME introduction to usability and user interface (dashboard) design!! Must read for non-professional in this area!
Human Factors International You Tube Channel
Bad Designs = Examples of Bad User Interfaces
Usernomics – lots of good resources
Situation Awareness Applications to Executive Dashboard Design
Infographics and Data Visualization
Intuitum – Graphics as a Brain Extension This blogs describes ideas, tricks, techniques to use graphics as a tool for expressing ideas, representing data and thinking better
Visualization Techniques and Pitfalls
Info-Vis Wiki

UI vrs UX

UI vs UX: what’s the difference?


InfoGraphic Visualization Tools

Infographic Maker: 51 Free Tools You Can Use Online

Google Images Search of “Dashboard Executive”

(See vendor watchlist as well)

Dashboard Insight
Visual Mining
The Dashboard Company
Essential collection of visualization resources / tools / vendors

BI and Analytics Vendors