IBM Log Analysis (SCALA) Tuning App v1

SCALA Log Analysis Tuning App v2 As part of this BlueMix Fabric Log Solution project, getting visibility into everything in my log solution architecture is pretty important. I’ve got a lot of instrumentation across the end-to-end pipeline so metrics are overflowing in my environment. I started to work on a simple app to pull all of this together so I can trend and visualize it over time and be able to see the impacts of tuning activities.

This is a first cut at pulling some of the metrics out of the Distributed EIF Receiver / Unity Generic Receiver logs. I’m shipping them with the logstash-forwarder, parsing them in logstash and sending them to the internal elasticsearch server for easy search and visualization using kibana. ELK at its finest!

I’ll update this as I go for other SCALA logs as well as others I’m using frequently such as rsyslog impstats.

Ping me or check my github soon for the configurations.

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