Welcome to the BSM experience Manage Engine!

A new entrant to the Business Service Management (BSM) space emerged last week. Firmly targeting the mid-market, SMB and SaaS space, Manage Engine has released their initial beta solution called IT360 last week. (demo and download available here) (screenshots) Check out the IT360 blog here.

I classify Manage Engine’s IT360 product as a Hybrid BSM solution in that its focus is much more than pure play BSM. IT360 is built upon AdventNet’s strong heritage of building solid products in the ITSM space for the past 10 years, mainly going to market in the OEM space.

Hybrid BSM solutions are focused on delivering “just enough” core BSM enabling features and capabilities that other “best of breed” or “heavier” solutions for networks, systems, application, user experience mgmt/monitoring or service desk may not be needed. Think “BSM Lite” or “jack of all trades, master of none” in a good, cost efficient way. Many in this classification deliver their product as an appliance.

When the Hybrid BSM concept is executed and operationalized within a company correctly, this can be a great approach for delivering BSM value by driving the concepts of BSM (Think, Operate and Respond Different.) all the way down to the lowest levels within the consolidated solution making them consumable by all IT organizations, not just the operations center. There are also obvious administrative benefits here as well.

Others in this same area of BSM for the Mid-Market, SMB, SaaS, MSP, etc. include FireScope, Zyrion, Nimsoft (soon!) and potentially, at some point in their future ScienceLogic.

Welcome Manage Engine and I look forward BSM conversations, debate and competition in the future! 🙂

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