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Links that I have found interesting for April 6th:

  • RightAnswers : Self-Service and Support Analyst Knowledge Solutions – Experts in making self service and knowledge management work, learn more about how our cost saving solutions can transform your organization.
  • Tivoli Netcool/Impact – Getting Started with Impact Tech – The following is intended to be used by anyone that has a technical background with some understanding of event processing get up and running quickly with a simple example of Impact, as well as things like understand the underlying directory structure of an install, be able to deploy new ears if the need arises, modify operator views, etc. Please consult all the Impact 5.1 GA docs (e.g. Impact User's Guide, IPL Reference, etc.) for more information.
  • Network Operation Center Nimsoft Dashboards – Service Level Management (SLM) is the process of ensuring that IT services are linked to business processes and providing detailed visibility of service. By monitoring SLAs (service level agreements) and operating level agreements (OLAs), business and technology
    units can talk in terms that represent a common denominator in departments that used to be world’s apart. SLA dashboards can not only help visualize the data, but bring the management issues out in the open where they belong.

    Thanks to long time Dashboard Spy reader and availability dashboard enthusiast Ken Vanderweel of Nimsoft Inc, we have the opportunity to study an extensive series of performance dashboards that monitor the availabilty of services for Amway Online. Powered by Nimsoft and used by Amway’s Germany-based IT organization to monitor a host of service statistics, the Network Operation Center dashboard has been instrumental in improving the organization’s quality of service.

  • ManageEngine IT360 :: Online demo – Integrated Business Service Management Solution
  • » Evolving from Network Management to BSM :: IT360 Blogs – Business Level Metrics – IT360 offers the ability to extract IT specific metrics like Server downtime or Response time of an ecommerce application and translate it into Business level metrics like “$ of revenue lost” or “# of Orders processed per hour”. This is the fundamental goal of BSM. ie. Enabling IT operation staff to see how a failure in IT affects the Business. With this visibility IT operations staff will be able to hopefully make different (and better) decisions regarding how they handle these IT failures.
  • How do you make Joe the (Server) Plumber understand the Business impact of IT ? :: IT360 Blogs – ** Girish failed to credit me here…Think, Operate and Respond Different! BSM 101! **

    At ManageEngine we believe that if we empower Joe by giving him visibility into the Business Impact of an IT failure, Joe will be able to do different things to improve the efficiency of IT Operations. And with ManageEngine IT360 you can get started with what we call “Common Sense BSM”.

  • ManageEngine Intros Business Service Management Solution – ManageEngine, which provides network, systems, applications and security management solutions, reportedly released the beta version of the ManageEngine IT360 integrated business service management solution that enables businesses to manage infrastructure management with business operations.

    BSM solutions are supposed to help IT managers map infrastructure components to the business services. However, the current BSM solutions are either too expensive or hard to implement, notes officials at ManageEngine.

    They say that most competing systems have only business level dashboards, and they try to integrate into other monitoring systems using connectors and interfaces, making the whole solution complex and expensive.

    ManageEngine IT360 reportedly offers all benefits of BSM, “starting with the business centric views illustrating the way in which business services are affected when IT resources are underperforming or unavailable.”

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