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Links that I have found interesting for April 10th:

  • BTM and Real User Measurements (RUM) – A complete BTM solution cannot ignore the “first mile” – the segment from the end-user to the data center. Real User Measurements (RUM) should be part of any complete BTM solution, since the origin of every user related transaction, is at the user.

    Enterprises must have the ability to measure the level of service that their users are actually receiving – from their own desktop – and provide fast answers when performance degradation occurs.

    Whether response times are degrading, or transaction failures are proliferating, IT staff must provide fast answers.

  • The service-driven data center – Most data centers today are focused on increasing flexibility to realize maximum efficiency from their existing assets. These optimizations are often done from a purely IT perspective, with little consideration for how the IT infrastructure could support business needs. With the introduction of business service management, business requirements are now more easily incorporated into the IT infrastructure, helping organizations realize the dynamic benefits of a service-driven, business-centric data center.

    The data center is in the midst of a significant evolution. Novell has just announced its vision for the service-driven data center (SDDC), which brings together our capabilities from SUSE Linux Enterprise, PlateSpin, and Managed Objects into a portfolio of integrated products designed to help customers increase agility while reducing cost, complexity and risk.

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