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Links that I have found interesting for December 10th:

  • BMC Service Resource Planning Gives Leaders 100% Visibility into Their I.T. Spend – Born from BMC's acquisition of ITM Software in June 2008, SRP is now a central part of BMC's comprehensive Business Service Management (BSM) platform, providing a complete suite of applications necessary to manage the business of IT, including Financial Resource Management, Project and Portfolio Management, Governance and Compliance Management, Human Capital Management, and Vendor Resource Management.
  • Cartographer – Krupczak – Cartographer implements a novel approach to managing distributed systems by automatically discovering and tracking the relationships between its component systems and applications. Cartographer does so via specially designed agents — residing on clients, servers and (potentially) network devices — that detect, identify, and track the inter and intra-system dependencies or relationships. Dependencies include network level services like DNS, DHCP, and SMTP as well as higher-level application abstractions like filesystems, databases, directory services, telephony, and middleware.

    Relationships are modeled using a dependency graph borrowed from the Graph Theory branch of mathematics. In our model, systems and applications are represented as vertices and dependencies are represented as edges. More specifically, we use directed graphs to indicate dependencies between clients and servers or between peers.

  • IBM Redbooks | End-to-end Service Management using IBM Service Management Portfolio – IBM® Tivoli® Service Request Manager, IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database, IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT, IBM Tivoli Release Process Manager and IBM Tivoli Business Continuity Process Manager are key components of IBM's Service Management strategy. This IBM Redbooks® publication presents scenarios on the combined usage of these products for implementing a complete, end-to-end Service Management solution.
  • HP's New BSM Announcements – The newly improved BSM solution provides prepackaged run-book automation work flows using the HP Operations Orchestration product, integrated with the HP Network Automation 7.5 and HP Service Manager software. These software integrations can automate the execution process of business service changes.
  • Leveraging SOA, BPM and EA for Strategic Business and IT Alignment – In today's enterprises, aligning business and IT to support business agility and transformation is essential. You can achieve this goal by applying SOA, BPM, and EA together in a synergistic fashion. This whitepaper describes key architecture and lifecycle principles to achieve that architectural convergence, and suggests adoption patterns based on the needs and maturity of an organization.
  • Software is HP's 'fastest growing' unit : News : Software – ZDNet Asia – The new UCMDB 8.0 integrates HP's Business Service Management software modules to provide the ability for "closed loop incident management", said Ramin Sayar, HP's senior director of products, allowing users to prioritize events such as systems failure and service downtime, based on their impact to the business. This, Sayar said, can help improve problem resolution, mitigate risks and reduce costs.
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